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Find a Nanny or Babysitter in Bloomington, Normal, and surrounding areas.

Knowing your child is being loved, nurtured and protected while you are at work or away from home is a comforting and peaceful feeling.  But finding the perfect childcare situation can be a bit overwhelming. That is why The Nanny Agency, Inc. was established. 

The Nanny Agency, Inc assists families with a variety of positions:

  • Full-time nannies
  • Part-time nannies
  • Nanny sharing
  • Temporary or occasional or on-call babysitters
  • Parent helpers
  • Before and after school help
  • On-going part-time babysitters

About in-home childcare
Many studies show that parents choose in-home childcare as their preferred method of care because

  • The child receives one-to-one interaction from a trained professional
  • The nanny can respond to the individual needs and philosophy of the family
  • The child benefits from a familiar home environment
  • A nanny can provide constant, individual feedback to the parent
  • A parent has more ‘control’ over what the child does and learns each day
  • The family has greater flexibility: there is no need to pick up and drop off
  • The exposure to illness is far less than in a daycare setting
We recruit from only the best childcare professionals in Central Illinois
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